Monday, June 08, 2009

Poker warning for pubs - ABC News - 19th May 2009

The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) says pub owners need to be aware of the legalities of running poker games.

AHA general manager Ian Horne says the Adelaide Casino has raised the issue from a commercial perspective, questioning if the games are legal.

Mr Horne says he understands free games run in pubs are legal, but venues should be careful of offering games involving cash.

"We're simply saying don't take the advice of the promoters, because if there is a prosecution, the promoter doesn't get prosecuted, the venue gets prosecuted," he said.

"So hotels and clubs that are going to have this buy-in poker, which is where cash is involved, they really need to take their own independent legal advice to assure themselves that they're not breaching any laws."

Clubs SA says it is not aware of any of its members running the cash buy-in games.

Clubs SA deputy president Bill Cochrane says poker games are run purely as free entertainment, not as a money-making operation.

"We would be very disappointed if there was any club participating in this type of game," he said.

"As an association we've reminded all our membership of their responsibility in regards to compliance to their operations with this type of tournament, we've stressed that there shouldn't be any buy-in games operating in any club in this state." (Credit: ABC News)

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