Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The Million Dollar Hand at http://www.partypoker.com is underway! So far there has been 42,834 pairs, 4,889 two pair, 2172 three of a kind, 392 straights, 272 flushes, 152 full houses, 25 four of a kind and 3 straight flushes. In the last 7 days alone there has been two $10,000 straight flush payouts!

Gibraltar – 20th October 2009 -- PartyPoker.com is pleased to announce that its latest software update sees the introduction of fantastic new bounty tournaments from tomorrow onwards. This is the highlight of a product upgrade that also sees the introduction of a ‘remember table layout’ feature and enhanced players notes.

Bounty tournaments allow players to get paid for knocking other players out. PartyPoker.com will take part of the buy-in and put it towards a bounty for each player. For example, PartyPoker.com could take $5 of a player’s $20 + $2 buy-in to create their bounty, with the other $15 going towards the prize pool. The bounty winnings are credited to a player’s account immediately.

The new ‘remember table layout’ feature has to be enabled but once it is this feature will remember the layout of tables when closed and will open new tables at the same size and in the same position. If a player changes the layout of their tables it will open the next new table in the same position as the last one closed. This isn’t a default feature, players have to tick the ‘remember table layout’ check box under Preferences/General/General Options to activate the feature. This feature will remember the layouts on the specific computer a player is playing on, layouts will also be remembered on a secondary monitor. The new enhanced player notes feature makes it even easier to make notes on opponents. All a player has to do is double-click on the player’s image at the table to open the ‘Notes’ section with their name already entered in the ‘Select Player’ field.

For more information see: http://www.partypoker.com/how_to_play/using-our-poker-table/latest-feature

A PartyPoker.com spokesman said: “We are always listening to customers and consistently striving to improve our product. The introduction of new bounty tournaments adds an exciting fun dimension to play. These changes come on top of the introduction of the hand history replayer and super speed games last month. Coming up in the future is the introduction of RSA tokens and synchronized breaks.”

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